The Internet Solution for Work Order Management

"I LOVE using Current Solutions to do the IT workorders. It is so convenient to use.
The system is really great when I need to track a work order. LOVE IT!"

   Global Access   24/7 privilege-tree access from any computer browser
Data Portability   Refreshed ASCII data available for download nightly
Real time data   Database immediately updated reflecting current status of all records
Leasing   Immediate access without long-term financial commitment or purchase
Training   Program start-up training session for key personnel included
Maintenance   No client maintenance required is an internet application that puts your work orders on the web.

This allows management, staff, and approved district personnel to assist in maintaining accurate work order data...
" from any computer browser, anywhere, anytime of the day."

No hardware to MIS resources to commit, is a leased service provided on high performance internet servers.

The management power of the internet is available now!

Take the time to find out how other School Districts have gone global.

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